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Should You Be Preparing Your Vehicles for Winter?

With our unusually warm temperatures in November, it feels a little odd to be preparing for the cold months, doesn’t it? But November is the perfect time to start winterizing your vehicles because you don’t want to be caught unprepared when temperatures drop overnight.   Here are some of the items we check on your vehicle to make certain it is prepared for Winter:   Check the brakes. Our team of auto mechanics will inspect your brakes to make certain you can stop quickly and safely. Brakes are your number one safety system on your vehicle, so it’s important to make sure the brake pads are thick enough, your brake rotors are in great shape, and that your brake sensors are operating properly.   Check all filters. During Fall, the filters in your vehicle can get dirty with the fallen leaves and extra pollen. We will inspect the air filters so you, your passengers, and your engine can all breathe easier.   Check the plugs. Gaskets and rubber ... read more