This Year’s Holiday Drive Time Report

Happy Holidays from everyone at European Automotive Specialists. We know the holidays can be frantic with the hustle and bustle of shopping and planning family gatherings. And because we’re in Decatur and part of the greater Atlanta area we know a thing or two about traffic, too.   

According to AAA, this year a record more than 103 million Americans are expected to travel for the year-end winter holidays. To help out, Waze, the community-based traffic and navigation app, used last year’s holiday driving patterns to come up with some drive time recommendations and here they are:

Be careful on December 23rd. Last year, Waze users reported 19.78% more accidents on the 23rd, more than any other holiday travel day. According to Waze, rush hour officially starts at 11:00 AM with folks heading out for the holiday. Then, at 3 pm when the regular day-to-day rush hour begins, the two merge into one great big stop sign and unless you’re driving a bright red sleigh, you do not have the right-of-way.  

Christmas Eve day isn’t much better with roads filling up by noon and traffic continually growing until sometime around dinner - whenever that is.

So, when should you venture out?


How about Christmas Day after dinner? According to Waze, December 25th is one the lightest traffic days of the year and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why. Another good travel day this year may be Saturday, December 26th. Waze reports it should be just like any other non-holiday Saturday. So that, too, might be a good time to head home.


On the other hand, you could skip all the traffic and invite everyone to your place. Hmm, let’s see, a tree and a meal versus 8-12 hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic. You have to admit it is worth some consideration.  


Whatever you do, please be as safe as possible. Follow the rules of the road and remember a little courtesy can go a long way in relieving stress and road rage. However, should things take a turn for the worse, European Automotive Specialists has your back.  


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